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Everseiko Solar Power Myanmar

Solar , Inverter, Battery

About Everseiko Solar Power Myanmar


EverSeiko is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production, and sales of solar energy-related products such as solar panels, solar cells, solar air conditioners, solar water pumps, inverters, etc.

EverSeiko Solar Power Myanmar

Solar & Generator – Perfected by Their Environment

Total electrical independence starts here. Everseiko Power has carefully designed and engineered all of our per-packaged off-grid solar power systems to be faster and easier to install.Our Off-Grid solar kits produce zero emissions,are noiseless,and quipped with all-in-one packaging solution for quick and easy installation.

By using solar energy…
  • Can be used anywhere with sunlight…
  • Since it is a silent electricity generation system, you can be free from disturbing noise to yourself and the environment…
  • Reducing air pollution due to greenhouse gas emissions…
  • Creates jobs in the clean energy sector as it does not require fossil fuels…
  • Due to the lack of emission of NOx and SOx gases like generators, air pollution can be prevented, and new generations of humans can be prevented from developing respiratory and lung diseases and reducing harmful effects such as acid rain…
  • During the day, you can easily extract energy and use the energy stored in the battery at night…
  • In particular, the ability to reduce electricity bills Saving time and money on gasoline and diesel.

EverSeiko Solar -- 5KW

EverSeiko Solar -- 10KW

EverSeiko Solar -- 15KW

EverSeiko Solar -- 20KW

EverSeiko Solar Cell

High Efficiency Low
LID Mono PERC with
MBB & Half-cut Technology

Off Grid Inventer

Off-Grid Inverter is an excellent choice for off-grid solar systems

The Everseiko Solar & Generator 5KW Off-Grid Inverter is an excellent choice for off-grid solar systems, providing reliable and efficient power conversion for your home or other applications.

EverSeiko Photovoltaic Equipment PV1-F Cable

Main Features

  • Dual wall insulation, electron beam cross-linked.
  • Excellent resistance to UV, Water, ozone, fluids, salts, general weathering.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Halogen free, flame retardant, low toxicity.
  • Excellent flexibility and stripping performance.
  • High current carrying capacity.
  • TUV and UL approved.

EverSeiko Solar Gel 12V 200Ah


  • Solar / Wind Power System.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
  • Electric Power System (EPS).
  • Emergency Backup Power Supplies.
  • DC Power Supplies.
  • Auto Control System.

EverSeiko Solar Power , Solar Energy & One Stop Service.

Events & Activities

Solar Panels are being installed on The 8 Kitchen Roof.

Solar Panel Setup

Solar Panel Setup

Solar Panel Setup

Wire Connection Installed

Wire Connection

Solar Inverter Installed

Solar Inverter Installed

Solar Inverter Installed

Inverter and Gel Batteries connection

Inverter and Gel Batteries connection

Inverter and Gel Batteries connection

Solar 5KW x 3 Inverters being used at Mahasi office.

Solar 5KW x 3 Inverters Features

  • 3hp Aircon x1
  • 1hp Aircon x 1.5hp Aircon x1
  • Fridge 250W x 3 units
  • Booster pump 225W x 1 Total power consumption is about 75% of the 15KW (5KW x 3 Inverters).


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