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Lather Edition

Lather Edition

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Sofa – Leather Edition

Research is central to the Leather Editions world. That’s why styles are analyzed in advance with the scope of anticipating and then aligning to trends. Analyzing color is fundamental for Leather Editions. In fact, the Leather Editions Design center has created a protocol to scientifically connote ideal tones for the sofas in the collection. The color world that is identified becomes a variable tied to the type of sofa: casual comfort and contemporary or transitional amber and dandy.
The casual line is characterized by a colder and more minimalistic color palette to adapt to the modern, more square shapes of the sofas while the transitional line, more classic, is distinguished by its warmer, more cocooning tones. The artist who perfectly represents the chromatic style of Leather Editions Collection is Giovanni Boldini. The use of colours in his paintings based on a marvelous palette of neutrals inspired the brand.


  • All arms, back and seat surfaces are covered in Top Grain.
  • This model is available with split leather exterior covering.
  • Tight Back Cushion (the back cushions of the models are fixed to the frame)
  • Tight Seat Cushion (the seat cushions of the models are fixed to the frame)
  • No Leather Side (the sectional pieces have the side covered with fabric and not leather)
  • Wood Frame Without Feet Assembled (the feet will be in a bag inside the package)
  • Plastic Wrap (the model will be wrapped in a plastic bag)
  • Feet available in wood finishings 09 (Walnut) / 18 (Wengè)
  • Feet height 5,0 cm